Meet the Managing Director, Declan Hanratty

Declan Hanratty
Declan HanrattyManaging Director
  • Licensed Mortgage Broker with ASIC

  • Diploma in Mortgage Brokering & Finance Management

  • Certificate IV in Mortgage Brokering & Finance

  • Certificate in Property Investment Analysis

  • He is also a member of Toastmasters International

Managing Director, Declan Hanratty spent 16 years in the Health and Fitness Industry running his own personal training studio before moving into the Finance and Property Industry.

As a personal trainer, Declan’s philosophy was to help his clients implement small habits into their daily lives.  Such small changes would result in huge benefits to them over the long term, which would then lead to success and create a healthier and more balanced life.

Declan knows and understands that exercise and nutrition go hand in hand when it came to achieving success in weight loss, muscle growth and a healthy body and that a work-out program that does not include both exercise and nutrition will not achieve a great deal.

He has brought similar philosophies into the finance industry.  He knows that anyone can get a home loan, just walk through the front door of your local bank and they will pretty much throw it at you.  Who needs a mortgage broker?

What you are not told is that you are going to pay back double what you borrow over the next 30 years of your life.  The standard term of a home loan is 30 years.  During the 30 years you will pay back what you originally borrowed (the principal) and same amount again in interest and perhaps even a little bit more.

The crazy thing is, you don’t have to.  There is a better way to achieve the same outcome and pay a whole lot less in interest, take years off the standard 30 year term and save a fortune in interest.

Drawing on similar philosophies from his personal training days, Declan knows that you aren’t going to achieve success in paying your home loan off sooner and saving a fortune in interest without combining the right strategy, loan structure and know-how.

Declan brings the know-how; he can educate you on structure and can tailor a strategy to suit your lifestyle, goals and spending habits.

As a personal trainer, Declan worked closely and intimately with his clients, providing a personalized service for them to achieve the best outcomes. He much prefers the personalized approach and working with fewer people, as opposed to, dealing with large numbers and has created a finance company that offers personalized service for people who aspire to a better life. You could say, Declan and the Vanquish Finance Group offer personal training in the finance and property arena, as opposed to the health and fitness arena.

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