Buyers Advocate Services

Buying property can be stressful, time consuming and downright painful having to deal with real estate agents.  This is where our Buyers Advocate Services can save you money, time and take the hassle out of process for you.  We have been buying and selling properties for over 20 years and have a wealth of experience with negotiating with estate agents and developer.

Clients who engage our Buyers Advocate Services are people who value their time, don’t like dealing with real estate agents and don’t enjoy the negotiating process.

Our years of experience give us the edge required to confidently play the game with the selling agents and developers.

One key ingredient that stands us apart from others, is the fact that we thoroughly understand the importance of finance and ensure the contracts of sale are completed correctly with the appropriate finance clauses, settlement terms and any other clauses that are required to ensure our Clients’ circumstances are being accommodated.

Having the finance arm as part of our service and strategy allows us to ensure our clients’ needs are being met first and foremost.  We work for our Clients, and not the vendor/developer.

Apart from saving you valuable time, we can also save you money by selecting appropriate well priced properties.

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